Our Services

Ocean Freight

We have the expertise – honed over the years – in providing ocean-freight solutions. Ocean and air cargo management LLP, we are highly focused on providing time-sensitive solutions and quality service to the specific needs of our customers. While we lay emphasis on the timeliness and quality of the service, at the same time our prices are also quite competitive

Loading / Unloading

Our marine services are globally standardised and administered, and our loading masters and inspectors are well respected at ports and terminals around the world. We provide freight and truck service through our network. This way we help carriers, brokers and shippers excel in the trucking industry.

Loading service at Ocean and air cargo management LLP is extremely admired by patrons owing to their reliability, timely completion and ethical behaviour.


We are backed by a capacious and well-maintained warehouse with a high storing capacity. Our warehousing services are available for all types of products, be it chemicals, cosmetics, food products, or any other type of products. Our warehouses are equipped with all the essential amenities and a temperature controlled system to ensure the freshness of certain products. The warehousing services are offered with different options of warehouses at prime locations along with best in class design tools, processes and systems.

Custom Clearing

Owing to our years of experience in this domain, we are capable of assisting the clients in getting their custom clearance and forwarding conveniently. We help our clients in the intricate documentation procedure and in procuring the essential documents required for custom clearance.


Done when ownership changes or when a time charter is arranged, it protects your interests and investment. Local inspectors work seamlessly within our global network to ensure that your independent survey adheres to industry best practices. When buying, selling or chartering a vessel, survey service provides you with documented proof of the actual condition of the vessel. A visual inspection performed by one of our marine services experts also minimises your commercial and contractual risks by ensuring that the quality of the bulk cargo shipped from the load port is the quality that arrives at the discharge port.


Our fumigation services prevent the spread of pests and minimize the risk of damage to your goods. We perform fumigation services – including the treatment of cargos loaded into sea-going vessels, barges and containers – in ports and logistics centers. Accordingly, these services comply with stringent national and international legislation, with best practice and with globally agreed quality and safety standards.

Our fumigation and pest management services are effective and reliable at all stages of the supply chain.

Perishable Movement

When your product needs to be transported at a specific temperature, you can’t afford limited options. You need a wide variety of integrated & temperature controlled transport solutions having a unique combination of equipment and expertise. Whether you’re looking to move perishable goods, pharmaceuticals, floral or anything requiring sophisticated temperature protection, rely on our transport experts to help coordinated your shipment.

Railway Loading

With the help of different modes of transportation, we can load bulk as well as heavy goods. We deliver the goods safely at the correct destination within the committed time frame.

In addition, we ensure that the goods are packed and loaded correctly to ensure safe delivery.

Border Clearing

With years of expertise, our firm is involved in rendering Border Clearance Service. This provided service is handled by industry proficient professionals, who have prosperous practice of this industry.

Our border clearing service is extremely admired by patrons owing to their reliability, timely completion and ethical behavior.